100 Faces 100 Stories was a collaborative project between more than 80 museums, archives, galleries and heritage organisations across Cornwall which collected interesting, surprising and fascinating stories connected to Cornwall in the First World War.

The project resulted in a booklet published and distributed to schools across Cornwall, as well as this website. Each story has a brief overview (used in the booklet), an opportunity to read more, photographs and images of documents, as well as a credit to the organisation which submitted it. The site, therefore, is a resource connecting users to organisations across Cornwall.

These teachers’ notes have been prepared by the Learning Officer from the Archives and Cornish Studies Service and a local primary school teacher. They are designed to be a starting point for using the website - supporting teachers by providing information on key stories and making links between them. They are not designed to be prescriptive or exhaustive. Please select the appropriate link below in order to access them.

Click here to download 100 Faces 100 Stories Teachers’ Notes – Primary

Click here to download 100 Faces 100 Stories Teachers’ Notes – Secondary